Sunday, January 13, 2013

20 Great DIY Lamp Ideas

Sunday is a great day to relax, but sometimes I love to make time on Sunday to create something new for my home. I have made a selection of these 20 great DIY (do it yourself) weekend projects with lamps.  Which ones do you prefer? I cannot choose... Did you already make one of these Lamps?


From left to right:
  1. DIY Lamp 101woonideeën
  2. DIY Robe Light Strand via A Merry Mishap Blog
  3. Koskela via My Attic Blog  You can easily DIY (buy an old lampshade, remove the fabric and spray paint the frame)
  4. Black Light with a modern neon twist (You can DIY with neon cord and an original light bulb)
  5. Bright DIY NEON Light Homedit Blog
  6. DIY: Polka Dot Lamp Miluccia Blog
  7. DIY: An Easy and Cool Lamp Bungalow5
  8. DIY Lamp with Neon Cord and wood Weekday Carnival blog
  9. DIY Beads lamp Mamie Baude
  10. DIY Beads Lamp 101 woonideeën
  11. Feathered Lampshade Le Shop blog
  12. Neon Lamp by Caroline Gomez  Riazolli Blog (Idea to DIY)
  13. Jelly + Cake Mould DIY Lights Poppytalk Blog
  14. DIY Doily Lamp Emmylizzy Blog
  15. Tierlantijn
  16. DIY Bamboo Lamp vtwonen
  17. DIY Lamp with clear bulb, pink cord and wooden peg 101 woonideeën
  18. DIY Beads Lamp (DIY with Beads, colored Cord)
  19. DIY Quilt Light by Tamara Maynes The Design Files Blog
  20. DIY Lamp Rose et Vert Blog 


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    Ik ga morgen eens even neuzen op je blog. Je hebt er in ieder geval een nieuwe volger bij!


  2. Hoi Suus,

    Super bedankt :) Ik lees je blog ook graag!!! En dankzij jouw tip op jouw blog heb ik nog de leuke medicijnbox met kruis erop aan geschaft bij de Hema. Nog bedankt daarvoor: hij staat erg leuk!



  3. AnonymousJune 17, 2014

    Some really great ideas here for the creative mind! Thank you for sharing!
    No.6, the polkadot lamps are my favourites, mostly due to its sculptural form, I would make those if they would fit in our home. Perhaps something for the girls' room later on...